Alchemical Reunion conferences are self improvement, educational conferences that touch on wide range of subjects including but not limited to spirituality, science, health… Our organizations include webinars, seminars, live events and conferences in different locations around the world. Visit us often to see our upcoming event postings.

Other upcoming events: 

Cover pic -En


Some of our old events:




2018 Smyrna, Alchemical Reunion & Sacred Geometry Conference (above)

00 01

00 02

“Fractality in Nature and Art” workshop at the International Academy of Culture and Art, Knidos 2018 (above pictures)

Daniel Mitel (Romania) in Izmir at Yeni Hayat Gelisim Merkezi – ATIH, Flower of Life, Heart Imagery, Kriya Yoga workshops

kolaj 2018

Biontology mix

Tufan Guven, Fractal Field Science, Holographic Universe, Bio-photon Emission of the Body -Biontology Seminars (Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum)

Yash Shekhar (India) & Vishwanath Rudraraju (India) Seminars on Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, Shamanism, Feng Shui, Astrology, Numerology

Mark Komissarov (Russia), Infovision Seminars

Luis Marquez (Spain), Mindfulness Workshops

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