The Conference

We are delighted to announce the 2018 Smyrna  Alchemical Reunion & Sacred Geometry Conference (May 31st – June 4th)

We have an amazing line up of teachers, workshops, parties and tours all beginning on the evening of May 31st, 2018. We are meeting in the ancient Greek city of Smyrna (Currently Izmir, Turkey) which has been an important Aegean port  in Asia Minor. The conference is organized  by Tufan Guven (as part of the Alchemical Reunion Series) in partnership with Yeni Hayat Gelisim Merkezi.

Join us for an exploration into the philosophy, theory, history, practice and rituals of the alchemical tradition.

Learn the history of Hermetic Mysticism and the techniques used by the forefathers of modern chemistry, herbology and medicine. This five-day conference will provide an indepth look at both inner and outer alchemy utilizing a wide spectrum of alchemical teachings including Vedic, Taoist and the Western Hermetic Traditions.

Throughout the conference we will set up a practical alchemical lab with its array of beakers, vials and fires and take you through the process of making medicines in the traditional way, full of its extracted life forces.

We will also look into the deep connections of sacred geometry and alchemy starting from ancient times to modern day utilizations, with the help of our distinguished presenters in the magical setting of Smyrna and its historic sites.

Mother nature uses geometry everywhere you look, from the spirals of the nautilus shell, galaxies, sunflowers, snowflakes, flower petals, honeycombs and the deepest design of the smallest particles know to humanity! Sacred Geometry is the modern bridge between Science, Physics and Spirituality.

Attendees will also gain an in-depth knowledge of cutting edge inventions – such as the harnessing of energy via the unified field, cold fusion hydrogen technologies and The Theraphi High Plasma Device. Join our like-minded community who are serious about putting ideas into action, and become an active participant in our planet’s future.


We will culminate our conference with a visit to the ancient Greek city Ephesus. Basilica of St. John, house of Virgin Mary, Temple of Artemis (one of the seven wonders of the ancient world) -these are only some of the sites that we will stop by. The history of the ancient city will be unfolded to us by the teachers and professional tour guides. Last but not least, among the many stellar “A-ha” moments, we will be looking forward to an experience of the Enochian Technology, developed by Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley and recovered by Vincent Bridges and Alaerian himself in this exquisite setting of Ephesus.

Join us in our exploration of the Hermetic Arts as we ponder the blueprint of creation and genesis of all form with focus on Sacred Geometry and Alchemy, and the Hermetic Arts…