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We are delighted to announce the Esoteric Prague 2019 (May 31st – June 5th)

pragueWe have an amazing line up of teachers, workshops, parties and tours all beginning on the evening of May 31st, 2019. We are meeting under the Old Clock Tower in the Old Town at 18:30 on Friday. The conference is organized  by Seda Rodop Soran (Radia) and Tufan Guven (as part of the Alchemical Reunion Series) with local supporters from Prague.


Join us for an exploration into the philosophy, theory, history, practice and rituals of the alchemical tradition and sacred geometry in the heart of alchemy in Bohemia.

Charles Bridge TWe will also look into the deep connections of sacred geometry and alchemy starting from ancient times to modern day utilizations, with the help of our distinguished presenters in the magical setting of the Kampa Theater.

Geometry is omnipresent in mother nature, from the spirals of the galaxies, to pine cones, sun flowers, honeycombs to the structure of subatomic particles and molecules. Sacred geometry and occurrence of fractality is a great way to explain the deep rooted connections between Natural Phenomena, Science and Spirituality.

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We will culminate our conference with a visit to one of the most picturesque towns in Europe, Cesky Krumlov in South Bohemia which is also a Unesco World Heritage Site with it’s Gothic, Renaissance and baroque elements.

KratochvíleJoin us in our exploration of the esoteric history of Bohemia as we ponder the blueprint of creation and genesis of all form with focus on Sacred Geometry and Alchemy…

Don’t miss the early bird period until the 30th of April and save 75 EUR+

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Pictures from the tour:

Some of the old events organized by Tufan Guven (Alchemical Reunion),

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